What Is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is a simple but powerful idea. There are thousands of companies all over the world that need help marketing their products online. And they will pay you substantial commissions to help them do that.

Email Scammers Dangling the Hook. Lately, I’ve been swamped by a new type of scammer email. I’ll call them that whether the product they are promoting is legitimate or not. Because the method of promotion is a scam. It tries to draw you in by stating a lie.

I’ve reported this scam before, but it keeps reappearing in new clothing. This is the one I got today: I Chopped Your Devices Yes, folks, that was the actual subject matter of the email. Where does “chopped” come from? Is it a literal translation from a foreign language? Who knows?

10 WordPress Business Website Themes. I’ve been an enthusiastic user of Thrive Themes and Plugins for over two years and wouldn’t be without them. They are the first, and usually the only set of business themes and plugins I install on a new WordPress site.

3 Alternatives for WordPress Editor Software. Broadly speaking, you have 3 alternatives when choosing an editor for your WordPress site. They are the Classic Editor, the WordPress block (Gutenberg) editor or a 3rd party drag and drop editor such as my recommended solution, Thrive Architect from Thrive Themes and Plugins.

Why You Need a Top WordPress Business Theme. A huge number of business websites use WordPress as their platform. And for good reason. It’s stable, it’s reliable and has a relatively short learning curve. But its strength lies in the themes and plugins that you can add. A top WordPress business theme can really make your website stand out.