March 11, 2019

A New Class of Scam Email

Email Scammers Dangling the Hook

Email Scammer

Lately, I've been swamped by a new type of scammer email.

I'll call them that whether the product they are promoting is legitimate or not.

Because the method of promotion is a scam. It tries to draw you in by stating a lie.

That you have purchased something that you haven't, or that a refund is waiting for you, or that you've been rejected by or accepted into something you've never heard of.

Here are some examples. You may recognize them.


Scam Emails Sent All Over the World

Subject: RE: CLKBANK Receipt for Order #302489


Congratulations on your brand new
purchase bud!

=> Your Access Link Is Here

We hope you enjoy this one!


Mohammed S - Support

So, a short email designed to think either that you've made a ClickBank purchase that you haven't or a mistake has been made and you're going to get something for free. And a tempting, clickable link right there in your face.

What Happens if You Click the Link?

Well, I never have before, but figured you'd want to know.

I clicked it and, via a complex tracking link, it took me to a checkout page for a product called Profit Maximizers on Warrior+. Not even ClickBank!

Scam Emails Can Contain a Virus

Subject: FWD: PP Refund Confirmation Order #294823XJJSS

Morning Sir,

You have received a new refund.

=> CLAIM Your Refund TODAY NOW

Please claim this refund within
the next 24 hours.

If you don't claim we will donate
your refund to charity

=> CLAIM Your Refund TODAY NOW

Head Support

What Happens if You Click the Link?

I was anxious to find out what refund the generous Donald from Head Support had for me so, barely containing my excitement I clicked on the tempting CLAIM Your Refund TODAY NOW (though I was getting a headache from all the CAPITALS yelling at me.)

Well guess what, folks? Yep, straight to the same Profit Maximizers product being flogged through Warrior+, just like the first one.

Email Scammers After Your Credit Card

Subject: [DENIED] Your Amazon Purchase Has Been Cancelled...


Your purchase has been denied.

=> Confirm your eBay purchase TODAY

Please confirm your purchase by 2pm.

Barry - Head Support

What Happens if You Click the Link?

Oh look, Donald from Head Support is gone, to be replaced by Barry from Head Support.

You could be forgiven for starting to suspect these mightn't be real people.

Let's see what Barry's got for us. Gosh, surprise surprise. Not eBay as promised, just the same old  Profit Maximizers product being flogged through Warrior+, just like the others.