Scam Warrior Super Hero

Phil Lancaster

Wow, I'm one of 47 lucky people selected to give up my personal details to a nondescript yahoo address.

Dear friend

Your report has been successfully received and we hereby officially inform you that this payment agreement has been initiated / created by the World Bank due to fraudulent activities worldwide.

During an IMF and World Bank investigation, they were able to recover some funds from these fraudsters, and the IMF ordered that the funds be distributed to 47 lucky people around the world as compensation.

This notification was sent to you because your email address was found in the fraud victim file during the investigation. Therefore, we recommend that you quickly enter your personal information, as described below in the office email:

1, your full name:

2, Your country of origin:

3, your home address:

4, your city:

5, your age:

6, Your gender:

7, your phone number:

As soon as we receive the above information, your payment will be processed and certified by a bank check for delivery immediately

We look forward to serving you better.

Mr.Dennis Bam