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March 23, 2019

List of Email Scams: How They Try to Get Your Money

This List of Email Scams Shows They Are Pretty Obvious

Email Scammers After Your Credit Card

I have a fairly large number of websites, with most of them having their own email address.

This means I get a lot of scam emails.

Once you've seen a few, they become pretty obvious and it takes a fraction of a second to just delete them.

They follow a handful of patterns.

I've reproduced a list of email scams just from the past week or so here, so that you can recognize them easily.

Who they're (supposedly) from is interesting too. For example, I get a lot of sex scam emails from "Stormy Daniels". It would be laughable if so many people didn't fall for them!

Email Scam from "Trump"

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March 11, 2019

A New Class of Scam Email

Email Scammers Dangling the Hook

Email Scammer

Lately, I've been swamped by a new type of scammer email.

I'll call them that whether the product they are promoting is legitimate or not.

Because the method of promotion is a scam. It tries to draw you in by stating a lie.

That you have purchased something that you haven't, or that a refund is waiting for you, or that you've been rejected by or accepted into something you've never heard of.

Here are some examples. You may recognize them.

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