Scam Warrior Super Hero

Phil Lancaster

Hmm... Must be under the impression that a subject line MY PREVIOUS MAIL TO YOU (especially in all caps) will make me think "Oh no, I must've missed it." And how could you possibly mistrust a lawyer who addresses you as "Hello Dear" and then starts off with "Your check is in the mail"?


Hello Dear,
Your check is in the mail, the annual relief atm signed by the previous tax commission to meet your bills and support your emergency situations that include food and living expenses at $10.5 million to withdraw. I decide to deliver to you myself to avoid the past repeating itself, and I promptly asked you to buy the license insurance label to back up my ambassador's delivery ticket, once i arrive you and I will go to your bank to download all the funds from the ATM card to your bank account with full access and confidence as i get there, because those delivery agents have been the biggest problem we normally have difficult with in the past, so let me bring the package myself

You have all the right to call the police if you feel deceived or attempted of fraud, which is why I have to appear in person, but if you object to the idea or refuse to pay for the insurance access permit to allow me in, then is completely obvious that you ended up becoming the enemy of your own progress, your victimized by wrong people in the past, doesn't mean you should treat everyone as equal, in case you think it was me who opposed the charge, I can guarantee that I am a very simple man with proof in official documents that I have no fraudulent deception from anyone in my profile, only the good reputation service as a lawyer, and that does not happen to a man to gain everything he wants and sadden his followers with the small benefit to help their survival earn money, it is my intention to treat you as myself so as not to be sad Ok, give me the benefit of doubt and support your package insurance label to get delivered. Thank you for writing.

Matheus Emanuel, lawyer
Operator@Commonwealth-Bank Affairs Department Foreign Welfare
Promotion / Section 331, United Assisted Program,
Annual Commission