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Phil Lancaster

Here's a scam email that's completely different. It's pretending to be from PayPal, telling me that my order for an iPhone 13 Pro Max has been placed and my payment processed. I need to call support immediately if I need to cancel this order. The email is from Adrian Mills, who rather weirdly has the email address And the sign-off is Latrice Drummer!

Now of course I haven't ordered an iPhone but I'm supposed to be panicked into calling the support number where I would undoubtedly be encouraged to take the next step in this scammer's funnel.

Which I have no intention of doing. And if I had any doubts at all, all I would need to do is check my PalPal account.


Order date: March 04, 2024 CST 16:26

Order Id: QCK_825649664

Phillip, PayPal will be delivered online today between.

Your invoice (#IHF630XP) was successfully placed and your

payment has been processed. Here is your order summary:

Call support immediately if you need to cancel this order, as we have a small window in which we can accommodate such requests.

Purchase details

Merchant: PayPal LLC

Quantity: 1

Purchase: iPhone 13 pro max

Total Paid: AUD699.99

Delivery address

Name: Phillip Lancaster


Wallet address: 2bef99f3-bcfb-476b-93fd-43e2d4823a42

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Latrice Drummer

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