Scam Warrior Super Hero

Phil Lancaster

Clearly designed to appeal to both the religious and the greedy. $2.5 million for me and $5 million to the charity of my choice. But what if I go by the old saying "charity begins at home"?


From: Avery Harper

Hello my beloved,

I am Carol Mitchell a Missionary formally with Saints Peter and Paul Church Catholic North Beach/Telegraph Hill 666 Filbert St San Francisco, CA 94133 USA, this email may come to you as a surprise but I must be faithful to you this life is full of vanity upon vanity for over a year I was diagnosed with cancer of the blood which has cost me so much money and with my Millions it cannot bring me back to Life according to my doctors I have just two or three weeks to live.

My beloved in Christ Jesus the only benefit we have on earth is our closeness to God and be kindness to people around you, I have the Sum of US$7.5 Million United State Dollars with Ever Zions Bank which cannot save my life for over one year, before i meet with the Lord, I want you to help me stand as my Next of Kin to Transfer this US$7.5 Million United State Dollars to any Charity Home here in United State, Africa, Canada, Europe and Asia because that was the vow I made to my God Almighty before I became a Missionary.

Please for God's sake your honesty and faithfulness are very important to work with my directives, note out of the US$7.5 Million United State Dollars you will take US$2.5 Million United State Dollars and give the remaining US$5 Million United State Dollars to any Charity Homes United State, Africa, Canada, Europe and Asia, I wish to give you my Online Account information and the Contact to my Bank to enable you carry out the Transfer as directed.

Please kindly get back to me if you are honest and faithful to carry out this Missionary work of God as my Next of Kin,

I await your urgent response. Email:


Missionary Carol Mitchell.

Saints Peter and Paul Church.