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This purports to be from a government agency, but is clearly a computerized translation from a foreign language, as evidenced by the non-English letter formations (such as Beήefit and withiή) and the awkward expression of "Assert your expediency". Most likely looking to steal identity information.

Subsidy Beήefit Approval


We'd like you to give prominence to your qualificatioή for subsidy benefit (grant).

What you need to do

Assert your expediency by simply replying to this secure message as described withiή.

Please indicate correctly

Given name (first only):

Family name/Surname:

Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy):

Tax file number (TFN):

Complete Address (Street number/name/Suburb/State/Postcode):

Confirm details of at least 2 of the following below correctly

1. Notice of assessment (one from the last 5 years)

Enter the date of issue from your notice of assessment (dd/mm/yyyy):

& Enter the our reference number found under the date of issue:

2. Superannuation funds details

Enter Superannuation Issuer name & ABN:

& Enter your member account number:
Enter your member client number:

3. Centrelink payment summary (one from the last 2 years) Enter the taxable income amount from your Centrelink payment summary (no spaces or "$" "." symbols, e.g. $48,000.00 enter 48000):

4. Enter either a bank account your income tax refund was paid into for the last financial year, or an interest bearing account from the last 2 years.
Enter BSB:
& Enter Account Number:

5. Dividends statement (one from the last 2 years) Enter the investment reference number from your dividend statement (no spaces or '/' symbols, e.g. X0011223344):

6. PAYG summary (one from the last 2 years) Enter the gross amount (no spaces or "$" "." symbols, e.g. $48,000.00 enter 48000):

N.B. | Attach to your reply, a clear copy of your valid Australian Driver Licence OR Australian International Passport AND a clear copy of your valid Medicare Card.

©2024 Commonwealth of Australia | Services Australia ABN 90 794 605 008

This message is intended for the addressee named and may contain privileged
information or confidential information or both. If you are not the intended
recipient please delete it and notify the sender.


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