Welcome to The Scam Warrior

There are many things that a person wanting to start an internet marketing business needs to learn but unfortunately there are also many traps for the unwary.

The Scam Warrior website is dedicated to helping you navigate this maze.

I will be writing many articles that cover the basics for new entrepreneurs in this wonderful world of internet marketing, from the best way to register a domain name to setting up a website and WordPress tips and tricks. And, of course, the wonderful world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and getting your site ranked on Google.

One thing you will find is that there are an incredible number of scammers who will promise that their particular "secret" or their new "underground" software will deliver thousand dollar paydays for no work other than pushing a button.

Their site will often be beautifully designed and the ad copy compellingly written. The price will be low and there will usually be a money back guarantee. But all will not be as it seems.

My Review Articles

It's my intention to fill this site with articles that will provide in-depth reviews of internet business related products.

Each product will be examined for truth, effectiveness and value for money.

If it's a scam, I will call it out as such.

If it's not, I'll give it a one to five star rating and provide a clear recommendation.

Importantly, I'll tell you what the upsells are, how much they cost and what extra functionality they provide. Very often, a product will have a low introductory price (something like $27 or $37) but only after you buy it does the real selling job begin. Some products typically have up to 7 or 8 upsells and they might be $67, $197 or even $997! The sales copy will be very convincing and designed to make you feel like a fool for not taking up the offer.

My Recommendations

There are some products or memberships that I wouldn't be without. They are in large part responsible for my success and I will be happy to recommend them to you and explain their functionality.

My Story

I retired a few years back after a successful 48 year career in IT.

Now I spend my time surfing, bike riding, going to the gym, publishing my books on Amazon and building income-producing websites.

About the author 

Phil Lancaster

I created this site with two things in mind.

One is to expose some of the many scams that abound in Internet Marketing. And also to review those that, strictly speaking, aren't scams, but over promise and under deliver. Many of these are directed at beginners, who have no chance of implementing the system that they are sold.

The other aim is to review and recommend products that I believe will be helpful to either the new or experienced internet marketer and to provide additional information that may spell the difference between failure and success.

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