February 15, 2019

Create Online Course

Create Your Own Online Course

Sell it Over and Over Again for $200

Create Online Course is Better Than Fighting Over Scraps

Are you sick of fighting all the other affiliate marketers for low-value scraps?

What if I told you you could create your own online training course and have a stream of people ready to buy it for $200?

People who'll thank you for the information you've provided and praise you for your professional presentation.

Thrive Apprentice is the platform you'll use to create and present your high quality online course, but that's only part of the formula.

The complete formula takes the form M + CC + M, where CC stands for Course Creation and the two M's each stand for Marketing. Marketing before you launch, so that you get a flood of buyers on launch and Marketing after the launch, so that you continue to sell and profit day after day.

I am an affiliate for Thrive Themes as well as an enthusiastic user. This means that if you purchase through my link, I get a small commission. This makes no difference to the cost to you, but helps me to maintain this website.


Create an Online Course Subject

No One's Searching for an Online Course

Create an Online Course That's Easily Accessible

This is the first thing to remember. No one fires up Google thinking "I must buy an online course."

People use the search engines because they want information.

Your job is to show them your online training course that will give them the information that they're looking for and to present it in such a way that it's complete and accessible.

Now complete doesn't necessarily mean huge. Your prospective customer doesn't necessarily want to be deluged with a tsunami of information. They are most likely looking for some specific stuff that they can get to easily.

What Should My Online Course be About?

That's really pretty easy. It needs to be something a reasonably large number of people are interested in and are searching for information about. And it will be either something you have a good knowledge of OR CAN RESEARCH. This is important. There's a ton of information on the internet, but people will happily pay someone else who's done the research and assembled the knowledge into an accessible online course that they've created.

Take dog training as an example. People acquire puppies all the time and most have no idea of how to train them. It's an easy subject to research. Create an online course called Everything You Need to Know to Make Your New Puppy a Responsible Citizen and you'll be fighting them off. Just remember that your customers aren't looking for a dog that can jump through flaming hoops. They just want her to not pee on the floor and to come when called.

How Do I Create My Online Course and How Do I Market It?

Enter Course Craft by Thrive Themes

Shane Melaugh

Course Craft covers everything to do with pre-marketing, creating and post-marketing your online course.

It has been developed by the team at Thrive Themes and Plugins and is presented by their co-founder and CEO, Shane Melaugh.

Shane doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk, having created his own courses as a solopreneur, pre-marketed and launched $200 courses that continue to bring in revenue day after day.

Shane covers every aspect of doing all of these things in a step by step fashion so that you can't go wrong. You don't need anything else, as Thrive Apprentice, which provides the platform on which you develop and present your course, along with Thrive Architect, the number one WordPress editor, are included in the price of the course.