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I got this email today:

It was headed Build&Own Electricity <phil@gmail.com>

and it said

Rumours say Trump called a secret emergency meeting at
the White House after learning about this weirdo device.
Electric companies have already gathered an army of lawyers
to take it down.
I'm not sure if you aware or not... but the information on
this website I'm about to share with you today
will change American lives forever:
->>> http://32wy.devinezip.trade/pwreff
Never again pay a single cent to the big energy moguls
with this simple, yet efficient "gizmo"... and be among the
select 2% of the population that has already stepped
into the new free energy era.
Speak soon!
James Albert Canuy
P.S. I really recommend you stop what you're doing right now
and watch this short presentation. I don't know how much
longer they can leave it up.

President Trump Afraid of an e-Book?


It's well known, of course, that American presidents are prone to call secret emergency meetings at the White House because of a $49 e-book sold through ClickBank.

Notice that the information will change American lives forever and that site could be shut down at any moment by the army of lawyers being gathered by the electric companies.

All of this is total bullshit, of course. None of it is true. It's all just designed to make you think that it's unique and valuable information that you'd better hurry up and buy now, before it's too late.

The Power Efficiency Guide Website

The website continues that theme.

It goes into a long and rambling story about the author's wife and kids nearly freezing to death after the power went down and how he eventually saved the day by resurrecting his deceased uncle's invention that generates free power using some sort of rotational principal and that can be built from $107 worth of parts or almost nothing if you source the components from a junk yard.

Can't wait for the movie.

Sold Through ClickBank

Remember I told you it was being sold by affiliates through ClickBank.

As I have a ClickBank account, I thought I'd check out the page.

Here's what it looks like:

Hot New Niche!highest Converting Landing Page With Highest Paid Commissions For Affiliates! It Works On Energy/solar, Home/garden/woodworking And Prepper/survival Lists As Well. These Manuals Are Hot Right Now With Low Competition!

​And if you go to the affiliate invitation page:

 HOT NEW OFFER :Power Efficiency GuideGreen Niche - 10-14% CR and EPC’s of $2.20

One of the hottest selling Green offer! The high-converting VSL with its 5 bonuses.

50.000’s copies sold in just 4 months, with conversion rates as high as 4.50% on cold traffic and 18% on green lists! Jump on the money train while it's hot! 

(VSL = Video Sales Letter) It's just 1 of 3 products they sell.

Power Efficiency Guide Upsells

Note that they pay 75% commission and their affiliates average earnings per sale are $48.79! They provide you with 4 emails you can send to your list, the first one being Trump Calls Emergency White House meeting.

It also mentions 5 bonuses. These are presumably upsells to the original product.

If $48.79 represents 75%, then the customer must be paying on average $65, so clearly there is some upsell beyond the $49 e-book.

All in all, it doesn't sound like they're too concerned about their website being taken down by the power companies' army of lawyers, does it?

What's in a Name?

Maybe it's just me, but would you think a product about to change millions of lives, put the power companies out of business and has the president worried would have a more dramatic name than Power Efficiency Guide?


Scam. Don't waste your money.

About the author 

Phil Lancaster

I created this site with two things in mind.

One is to expose some of the many scams that abound in Internet Marketing. And also to review those that, strictly speaking, aren't scams, but over promise and under deliver. Many of these are directed at beginners, who have no chance of implementing the system that they are sold.

The other aim is to review and recommend products that I believe will be helpful to either the new or experienced internet marketer and to provide additional information that may spell the difference between failure and success.

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