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Web Hosting and Domain Hosting

Domain Name Host

In the previous post Internet Marketing: Registering Your Domain Name we looked at using a domain name host.

A domain name host like Namecheap holds all of the details of your new domain name and most importantly, translates the human-readable address into the actual digital address where your website is stored. This is referred to as your DNS (Domain Name Server).

Web Host

Domain Name Hosts will frequently offer web hosting as well.


I really prefer to keep the two separate and independent. And, as you will see, I'm about to recommend a solution that provides fast web hosting for free, along with a heap of other benefits.

Wealthy Affiliate

What Wealthy Affiliate Offers

I cannot recommend Wealthy Affiliate highly enough.

It's not just a website host. In fact, that's almost just an incidental byproduct of what they offer.

Wealthy Affiliate is a 400,000+ world-wide community of successful and aspiring internet marketers.

And you can join for FREE!

Wealthy Affiliate has the most comprehensive, step by step training that you will find anywhere on the internet.

In fact, if you follow each step of the training and implement it as you go, you are pretty much guaranteed success.

And if you are stuck at any time or just need help or clarification, just post a question and a member of the WA community will answer it for you. In fact, often several members and, because it's a world-wide community, often more or less instantly.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

There are two levels of membership, Free and Premium.

There is no trial period. You can stay a free member for ever, if you wish.

Premium membership costs $19 for the first month and then $49 per month thereafter. For what you get, it's the bargain of your internet marketing lifetime. If only one of your websites made just $2 per day, you'd have your cost covered.

It's even less if you pay 6 months or 12 months up front. $234 for 6 months ($39 per month) or $359 for 12 months ($29.92 per month).

What Do You Get with Wealthy Affiliate?

It's kind of hard to summarize it all to an outsider looking in, but once on the inside it quickly becomes apparent that it far exceeds anything else that is out there on the web.

  • It starts with state-of-the-art website security for all sites hosted at WA.
  • Complete site backup every 24 hours for all sites, protecting against a site owner's worst nightmare ... site crash.
  • Premium membership includes unlimited searches using the powerful Jaaxy keyword search tool, which shows not only the number of searches for different keyword variations, but also the amount of competition. You can also use Jaaxy to see where your site is ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Then there's the extraordinary features of Wealthy Affiliate's SiteRubix portal which almost defy complete description. It is the most technologically advanced website facility on the web and it's included with Premium membership. This is where your websites will be hosted.
  • The Site Feedback feature gets valuable feedback from the community helping you to improve and optimize your sites. The Site Comment feature allows you to trade comments on other members' sites for comments on your own, thereby increasing engagement, which is a major factor for Google to determine site ranking.
  • Incredibly responsive and accurate website Tech Support for fixing site anomalies and problems. Forget outsourced help desks, this is the real deal.
  • The most comprehensive and up to date Affiliate Marketing training on the web ... world class does not adequately describe it.
  • The most supportive community of like-minded folks providing almost instantaneous 1 on 1 coaching. It's the most interactive, helpful, and engaging online business building platform in the world. "It's More Than Anything Out There. It's Wealthy Affiliate."

And the best part is it just keeps getting better and better thanks to Kyle and Carson's commitment to continuous improvement.

Here's a summary of the differences between Free and Premium membership. And remember, YOU choose when to go premium (if at all). The Free membership gives to plenty of features and time to decide if Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Grid

Wealthy Affiliate: Not Your Average Web Host

I hope you can see why I recommend WA to host your web sites. For the same price or less than a company that does nothing but host your website, Wealthy Affiliate gives you so much more. In fact, everything you need, including the training, to be a successful internet marketer.

I'm an affiliate of WA as well as an enthusiastic user. If you join through my link and subsequently upgrade to a Premium membership, I will get paid a commission. This doesn't affect your cost at all. But you will have me as your personal mentor. I'm ranked in the top 200 of WA's 400,000+ members. Ranking is based on knowledge and ability to help others in the WA community.

About the author 

Phil Lancaster

I created this site with two things in mind.

One is to expose some of the many scams that abound in Internet Marketing. And also to review those that, strictly speaking, aren't scams, but over promise and under deliver. Many of these are directed at beginners, who have no chance of implementing the system that they are sold.

The other aim is to review and recommend products that I believe will be helpful to either the new or experienced internet marketer and to provide additional information that may spell the difference between failure and success.

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