Internet Marketing Starts with Selecting a Niche

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OK, so in the last post Internet Marketing: Where to Start Part 1 we covered the considerations involved in selecting a niche.

But you probably want to know exactly HOW to go about it.

Well, it's all about:


There, you knew I'd get technical sooner or later, didn't you?

You see, the thing you want to do with your website is to rank highly in the search engines for particular keywords related to your niche.

Which means you need to find keywords (and note that while we call them "words" we actually mean phrases, so that, for example, "exercise routines for seniors" is a "keyword") that have a good number of searches but not so much competition.

But how do we find out?

Easy. You use the free Jaaxy keyword tool. JAAXY CLICK HERE.

Here's what you do:


Using Jaaxy to Find a Niche

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool, but as we'll find out later in this series, you can use it for many other things, including the important task of finding out how your site is ranking in the search engines.

But for now we'll use it to find a good niche.

Let's say you're a bike rider and like many bike riders, you spend a lot of money on specialized clothing. These could include knicks, jerseys, socks, cleated shoes and so on.

Or even if you're not a rider yourself, you've noticed others and have decided bike clothing could be a good niche to be in.

So go into Jaaxy and enter bike clothing as the keyword to search.

Using Jaaxy to Find Keywords

We are going to look at Avg (searches per month) QSR (Quoted Search Results) and Domains (what is available).

In short, you want a reasonable high Avg (anything above 100 is good) a reasonably low QSR (anything below 100 is good) and the .com to be available.

QSR measures how much competition there is for that keyword.

Have a look at road bike clothing above.

With an Avg of 199, a QSR of just 46 and available, it's perfect.

This is a niche you can drive traffic to, outrank the competition and make money as an affiliate.

Go ahead and do your own research.

I'll cover registering your domain name in the next article in this series and joining affiliate programs further down the track.

About the author 

Phil Lancaster

I created this site with two things in mind.

One is to expose some of the many scams that abound in Internet Marketing. And also to review those that, strictly speaking, aren't scams, but over promise and under deliver. Many of these are directed at beginners, who have no chance of implementing the system that they are sold.

The other aim is to review and recommend products that I believe will be helpful to either the new or experienced internet marketer and to provide additional information that may spell the difference between failure and success.

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