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Sick of Fighting Over Scraps as an Internet Marketer?

Fighting Over Scraps

You know what I mean. You write a great blog post, full of both valuable information and Amazon affiliate links.

You are required by Amazon rules to declare that you are an affiliate right next to your first link.

You work hard to get comments and backlinks. You put a huge effort into SEO.

And you're rewarded. There you are on Google and Bing with a blog post linking to your promoted Amazon product.

Unfortunately, so are 137 other affiliates for the same product.

But somehow you make a sale. It's a typical Amazon $9.99 product.

You've made 4% commission. That's a measly 40 cents. You don't even get paid straight away.

It's like you're in a race to the bottom with every other affiliate marketer out there. Too many are sold on the idea of a job-replacing income without doing the arithmetic that will show them it's just not possible to do it that way.

Of course, you can do better by becoming an affiliate for other platforms.

These include digital products sold on ClickBank, Warrior+ and JVZoo. But again, you're competing with thousands of others.

And, to be frank, many of the products sold on these platforms are, well, dubious at best and you risk both your reputation and charge backs from dissatisfied customers. Not a good look.

Finally, and probably the best option for an affiliate marketer, is becoming a partner with a quality physical product whose supplier has a private affiliate scheme. One issue here is that unless you're already successful, it can be difficult to get accepted. And the other is that you'll be competing directly with the supplier.

I've been there.

Had my pages and posts on the first page of Google and Bing but made zero sales because directly above me was the ads from the actual supplier. Guess which one a potential customer is going to click on?

Your Own $200 Online Course

E-Learning with Course Craft

A (Far) Better Way

The fact is, most people who type something into an internet search engine are looking for information.

And, even though you may not realize it, a lot of them are looking for information that you already have!

You can turn that knowledge into a $200 online course and tap into an ever-growing and hungry market.

All you lack is the knowledge of how to do it and the platform to do it on.

How to Do It, Where to Do It

Thrive Themes and Plugins is the most successful and effective supplier on the web of themes and plugins for WordPress based websites. Their Thrive Architect plugin is hands down the best and most comprehensive WordPress Editor and their Thrive Apprentice plugin is specifically designed to create and deliver online courses.

Shane Melaugh

But as Shane Melaugh, one of the duo who founded Thrive Themes, says "The formula for a successful online course is M + CC + M."

Now the CC stands for Course Creation, but the first M is pre-course Marketing and the second M is after-course Marketing.

Both are essential.

Shane covers it all in his Course Craft presentation.

Nothing is left out. If you purchase Course Craft, which includes Thrive Apprentice and Thrive Architect and follow Shane's directions, you WILL have a valuable product that you can market and sell for $200. Over and over again.

For what it delivers, Course Craft is fantastic value, but there's also a 30 day, no questions asked money-back guarantee, so absolutely NO RISK to you.

I urge you to check it out. I've already started my course.