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February 26, 2019

WordPress Editor Software: Which Is The Best?

3 Alternatives for WordPress Editor Software

Drag and Drop WordPress Editor Software

Broadly speaking, you have 3 alternatives when choosing an editor for your WordPress site.

They are the WordPress Classic Editor, the WordPress block (Gutenberg) editor or a 3rd party drag and drop editor such as my recommended solution, Thrive Architect from Thrive Themes and Plugins. But let's look at each of these WordPress editor software solutions in turn.

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February 26, 2019

Top WordPress Business Themes

Why You Need a Top WordPress Business Theme

Scam Warrior Super Hero Not a Scam

A huge number of business websites use WordPress as their platform. And for good reason.

It's stable, it's reliable and has a relatively short learning curve.

But its strength lies in the themes and plugins that you can add.

A top WordPress business theme can really make your website stand out. And if it's a conversion optimized theme, then your major challenge, that of attracting visitors has been given an early boost.

Your Top WordPress Business Theme Must Do 2 Things

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February 21, 2019

Power Supply Problems Solved

Power Efficiency Guide

Power Supply

Yes, It's Meant to be Ironic

Power Supply Scam

I got this email today:

It was headed Build&Own Electricity <>

and it said

Rumours say Trump called a secret emergency meeting at
the White House after learning about this weirdo device.
Electric companies have already gathered an army of lawyers
to take it down.
I'm not sure if you aware or not... but the information on
this website I'm about to share with you today
will change American lives forever:
Never again pay a single cent to the big energy moguls
with this simple, yet efficient "gizmo"... and be among the
select 2% of the population that has already stepped
into the new free energy era.
Speak soon!
James Albert Canuy
P.S. I really recommend you stop what you're doing right now
and watch this short presentation. I don't know how much
longer they can leave it up.

President Trump Afraid of an e-Book?

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February 15, 2019

Create Online Course

Create Your Own Online Course

Sell it Over and Over Again for $200

Create Online Course is Better Than Fighting Over Scraps

Are you sick of fighting all the other affiliate marketers for low-value scraps?

What if I told you you could create your own online training course and have a stream of people ready to buy it for $200?

People who'll thank you for the information you've provided and praise you for your professional presentation.

Thrive Apprentice is the platform you'll use to create and present your high quality online course, but that's only part of the formula.

The complete formula takes the form M + CC + M, where CC stands for Course Creation and the two M's each stand for Marketing. Marketing before you launch, so that you get a flood of buyers on launch and Marketing after the launch, so that you continue to sell and profit day after day.

I am an affiliate for Thrive Themes as well as an enthusiastic user. This means that if you purchase through my link, I get a small commission. This makes no difference to the cost to you, but helps me to maintain this website.

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February 13, 2019

Domain Listings SCAM

Don't Fall for This Domain Listings Scam

Domain Listings Scam

I have a large number of domain names registered, and I receive an email like this one almost every day.

It's very official looking and the subject line is Final Notice (where is one of my actual domain names, of course). But it's a domain listings scam.

Here's what the start of it looks like.

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February 12, 2019

Dirt Cheap Domain Names from the #1 Registrar

Do You Want Cheap Domain Names?

Cheap Domain Names from Namecheap

Namecheap was already my preferred domain name registrar, but for a limited time, they are registering .com domain names for an unheard of $5.88. This is incredible value by itself, but they are also throwing in lifetime whois protection. This makes it impossible for unauthorized people to obtain your private information.

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February 12, 2019

OMG, I’m Falling About Laughing!

Don't Fall for This Scam

Laughing at a Scam

When I started The Scam Warrior, I had one aim in mind.

That was to review third party products in the internet marketing world, expose the ones that were scams and recommend the ones that were good or simply to provide enough information for you to make an informed decision. In fact, I'm about to review one such product, called Snowball Traffic.

But I've been asked to also cover personal scams, as there are so many of them and they cost so many people anxiety, dignity and of course money.

It can be difficult to understand how anyone can fall for some of these, as they seem so obvious. But clearly it's a numbers game. If the scammer sends out millions of emails and gets just a 1% response, they can derive a substantial income.

I Toxified Your Machine

Here's the email I received from Vigilancia:

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February 6, 2019

Internet Marketing: Hosting Your Website

Website Host and Domain Name Host

Web Hosting and Domain Hosting

Domain Name Host

In the previous post Internet Marketing: Registering Your Domain Name we looked at using a domain name host.

A domain name host like Namecheap holds all of the details of your new domain name and most importantly, translates the human-readable address into the actual digital address where your website is stored. This is referred to as your DNS (Domain Name Server).

Web Host

Domain Name Hosts will frequently offer web hosting as well.

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February 5, 2019

Internet Marketing: Registering Your Domain name

Your Domain Name is Your Business Address

What is a Domain Name

Just as a good street address is important to a bricks and mortar business, a good domain name is important to an online business.

But what makes a good domain name?

Well, first of all, it has to reflect your business. When a prospective visitor sees it, they should be in no doubt as to what your business is about.

In addition, these are the other desirable characteristics:

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